• taherehdooki

Christmas during COVID-19

As some borders and airports are closed or have tighter policies regarding traveling during COVID-19 pandemic, the Christmas holidays just got harder. I wanted to visit my sister who lives in Europe this holiday and after overcoming the fear of traveling long distance with the virus all around we finally contacted Spain’s Embassy and realized that right now it is just now the right time.

What if policies changed during the time we were away and then we wouldn’t be able to come back home?

It is sad to be so far from your loved ones and we treasure every chance we have to spend time with them. I guess we have to remain patient, use all the methods we have to stay in touch and hope this too shall pass.

Last time we saw each other was a year ago. It was a great trip! Traveled from Honduras all the was to Europe, we we’re lucky to travel around great cities such as Milan, Zurich and Berlin. Even though we had an amazing time and we are delicious foods, what I miss the most is spending time sitting next to each other around the fire place laughing at old stories of us.

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